Angel Lallana Diez-Canseco

Architect Madrid


Master's Degree of Architecture, acquired from Polytechnic University of Madrid, 2007.

University Certificate of Credit Modular Pass, acquired from Oxford Brookes University, Built Environment School 2006.

1st Prize Exequo of Architecture in 'XXth Edition Young Designers Contest 2008', Madrid, Spain 07/2008

AZLIFE from de paso on Vimeo.


| Shelter Centre, Geneva (06/2013- 08/2013)

Position: Project Assistant

Research and development of the newly-created Shelter & Settlement Library (SSL) funded by USAID, designed as a global clearinghouse for regional humanitarian knowledge (

| Triple, Madrid(11/2007- 06/2013)

Position: Architect Team Project Leader and Coordinator, Partner

Triple is a young office based in Madrid, founded in 2007. Our work is committed to design, architecture and urban planning. As a team we offer assistance in project development, both on commissions or competitions from the initial concept phase to final design.

Coordinating team efforts in competitions as responsible for development and management of refurbishing projects monitoring the quality and progress of the work, understanding customers' requirements,and managing the dynamics of their changing needs throughout the enterprise, vendors, suppliers and partners.

. Design and construction phase of three home renovation project in Madrid
. EUROPAN 11 Competition - Alcorcón, Jury's final choice
. Multiparking, selected among the 10 projects for the official '2x5'international competition of the Public Design Festival held in Milan 18-26/05/2009 <>
. 2nd Prize in 'Las Palmas está mal de la azotea' competition from 'II Biennale de Canarias Architecture, Art and Landscape' <>

| Taller Abierto (06/2012 - 07/2012)

Position: Assistant Translator

Providing freelance translation and interpreting services in the communication (English-Spanish) with the Client AHA for the development of the winning design project of Living Aleutian Home Design Competition (Alaska) 

|Bayon Arquitectos SLP, Madrid (11/2009- 02/2012)

Position: Architect Project Leader

Collaborating in the development of Basic Design Project and Final Detail Design Project in accordance with all applicable bylaw and standards as team coordinator and liaison with local authorities, engineers, quantity surveyors and suppliers

. Basic and Final Detail Project for office building for Ministry of Economy and Finance in Madrid
. Final Detail and Project Management of Business & Arts International Center of Vitoria-Gasteiz
. Preliminary design for single-family house in El Escorial

| Effekt I/S , Copenhagen (6/2008-12/2008)

Position: Project architect

Working as an architect with solutions for architectural competitions and assignments as an integrated part of the project team in direct collaboration with both partners and architects of Effekt. producing in various media, physical and digital modelling, CAD, 3D and graphic/layout programs.
Involved in the design and development of various projects spanning from architecture and house design to urban and master planning scale, from the initial analysis and concept phases to the production visualization and communication for clients and authorities.

. Sommerhus in natural dunes landscape. Skallingen
. 1st Prize in competition on the new vision for Gellerup Parken. Åhrus
. DAC Building Sustainable Communities Exhibition participation. Copenhagen
. Nørre Allé. Competition. Copenhagen
. ny plads i Leifsgade. Competition. Copenhagen
. Under Elmene ny haver. Competition. Copenhagen
. Kolding University Campus competition. Kolding

| Ezquiaga Arquitectura Sociedad y Territorio S.L., Madrid (9/2006-6/2007)

Position: Planning designer. Intern

While working at Ezquiaga A.S.T. (2006 Natinal Planning Prize office) my responsibilities and duties ranged from Planning Development to Graphic Design for several projects for the firm in many Spanish cities. This allowed me to have a complete understanding of the complexities and rigor of the design process.

.PEOT Special Regional & Landscape Plan in Pas Valley, Cantabria
.PT Regional Plan Sierra de Gata
.PGOU Municipal Master Plan for Santa Marta de Tormes
.PE Special Plan for Green Belt in Burgos
.Analysis and Evaluation Study for placement of state prison in Málaga
.Cultural Centre Restoration in Aravaca, Madrid
.PGOU Municipal Master Plan for Segovia
.PP Partial Plan in Campamento, Madrid
.PGOU Revision of Municipal Master Plan for Alcorcón, Madrid
.POT Regional Planning for Eastern Almería

| B612 Arquitectura, Madrid (9/2004)

Position: Intern

Contributing to the design for a house restoration in Guadalajara


| CAD Design | AutoCAD, MicroStation

| GIS Software | ArcView, gvSig

| 3D Modelling | Rhino, SketchUp, REVIT

| 2D Graphic Design | Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign

Good command of Microsoft Office tools (Word™, Excel™ and PowerPoint™);
Competent with Dreamweaver, Adobe Premiere and experience with HTML

Internet for research and mail


Graduate Performance Diploma in Piano Performance and Music Theory acquired through studies in 'Conservatorio Profesional de Música Adolfo Salazar' 1990-1996



| 'XIV Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean', Skopje 09/2009 <>

| 'Prebiennale Young Artists from Europe and Mediterranean - Fronteras de papel', Naves Barranco, Sevilla 05/2009

| 'XX Young Artists Contest 2008', Sala de Exposiciones Mejía Lequerica, Madrid, 11/2008

| Sustainable Housing Project in Aranjuez 'Proyectar Aranjuez: propuestas arquitectónicas para el Aranjuez actual', Coordinator: Mariano Bayón, Centro Cultural Isabel de Farnesio, Madrid, 05/2006


| Manifesto Estupor self-published, Coord. Marcos Zaragoza, Asociación Cultural PASMO. 2011

| Sustainable Housing Project in Aranjuez, pages 12-13, 'Proyectar Aranjuez: propuestas arquitectónicas para el Aranjuez actual', Ed Doce Calles, 2006

| Street Furniture Study in Madrid, pages 219-221 'La sostenibilidad en el proyecto arquitectónico IAU+S', Ed Biblioteca CF+S, 2005

| Multidisciplinar Shopping Centre Project in Azores Islands, chapter 3.15, 'Cambio+Energía+Información. Palacios de la diversión', Ed Mairea Libros, 2005

| Coursework, pages 70, 91-92, 132; 'Sustancia y Circunstancia', Ed Mairea Libros, 2003

| Working in the edition of the book 'Tipografía y Diseño', Fernando Lallana García, Ed Síntesis, 2000


| 'Jornadas Sostenibilidad IAU+S' ETSAM, Madrid, 03/2004
| 'Jornadas Madrid 2012: Arquitectura, Realidades y Proyectos', Madrid, 2003


Music, playing keyboards, cinema, reading and pop art. Love to travel and experience different cultures, visiting interesting buildings and art galleries. Enjoy sports particularly football.